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As the whole mankind is keeping struggling with New Covid-19 virus it is been very important to have a good health practices in daily routine.

Anyways Keeping the house clean and tidy requires a lot of effort as lack of time complicates its success. For this reason, we give you 10 tips that will help you do it with a little organisation.

1.Establish a daily routine

Like when you go to the gym, a daily routine is useful for ordering the various points of your home. In this way it is possible to do it easily and in a short time, which will allow to keep the house clean in its entirety.

To do this, make a list of all the important activities to do, such as washing clothes, sweeping, mopping or waxing, cleaning the bathroom and laundry room, hanging the laundry, and so on.

Then, divide the household chores over the 7 days of the week (according to their difficulty or the time they require).

For example:

Monday: clean the windows

Tuesday: remove dust, sweep and mop or wax

Wednesday: do the washing

Thursday: organize the wardrobe

Friday: cleaning the kitchen

Saturday: change the sheets

Sunday: clean the toilets

A similar routine will help you make the organization of the house easier. During the weekend or on free days the time to devote to these activities is reduced.

2.Do not accumulate items

It is clear that there are truly indispensable items, but when we buy some piece of furniture for the home, such as a table, a lamp or any other decoration in general, ask yourself: is it really necessary? Will it make my life easier in any way?

If the answer is "no" or doubts arise, it is better to do without it.

Remember that the more things you have in your home, the more mess and dirt will form.

3.Use hooks

If you have the habit of leaving your keys, umbrella, bag or backpack around the house, attach hooks and coat hangers at strategic points.

For example, at the entrance, in the main room and, if you have children, also in their room. This way you will also put in order the objects that hang around during the day.

4.Make your bed before you leave

It is true that all of us have to make a huge effort to get up early in the Morning from a deep sleep and run quickly to work or school but remember you had a very nice sleep last night because you had a very clean and well arranged bed so it is worth to make your bed before you walk away from it in the morning isn't it? So make it an habit and also help your children to learn to make there own bed every morning.  

5.Wash the dishes after each meal

Without wasting water, it is important to wash the dishes every time they are used. One really annoying thing is finding a sink full of food scraps and dirty dishes.

Each family member can take care of cleaning the dishes they have soiled making it easier to keep the kitchen clean without too much effort. Similarly, while cooking, clean the utensils used to prevent them from accumulating and once you finished washing all your utensils don't forget to whip dry them before leave them in the shelves and most important thing is to have clean Kitchen is to throw all wet garbage without leaving them over night in the kitchen. 

6. Organise the wardrobe

Even just a sock or shirt thrown to the ground will make the house look more messy.

Use baskets for dirty and clean laundry, if you don't have the energy to wash or fold it, at least it will be collected in one place and will not give a neglected look to the house.


7.Clean the washing machine often

Although it is an appliance to which we pay little attention in terms of cleaning, it is necessary to eliminate the lint and other residues that accumulate in it.To prevent mold and fungus from growing more and more, leave the washing machine door open after each cycle, in this way the moisture will evaporate.

8. Brush your four-legged friends often

Whether it's a cat, a dog, canary or any animal you have at home, ensure a high level of hygiene for your pet. In this way, you will keep it healthy and prevent it from dirtying furniture or beds; moreover you will avoid pest infestations or that the house becomes filled with bad smell.

9. Everything in its place

To keep the house clean, the ideal is to put everything you use in its place. The house will seem less cluttered and cleaning will be more practical.

10. Remove stains immediately

If you have spilled milk or some other liquid on the stove, on the floor, on the bedside table or on the dining table, wipe it off immediately! It will be more difficult to remove dry spots.

Keeping your home clean and tidy, as well as making it look better, ensures a more harmonious life and reduces stress, as we will feel really comfortable.


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