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I've been doing some researches to keep clean my house to avoid serious problems caused by the new Corona Virus, 
as every one knows chemical based products can be harmful to our health if use continuously to your health. 
Many Researches proved that any types of Germs and bacterias can be killed by heat so I just got This Economical but Powerful Instrument to have my Apartment Clean,
also getting rid of various areas of historic dirt for a small amount less than 80 Buck.
My experience so far has been the following:


- The sanitary were made shiny again. In the bidet the water shines clean!
- Excellent for floors. Get yourself several spare Pieces of Clothes foe Cleaning Purpose Possibly Micro fibre which is more suitable for Steam Cleaning , 
especially if you have an old apartment like mine that would need before a cleaning done by professions
- Eliminates dirt on corners and edges. But with a lot of patience !!

Example No:1 

- Quickly cleans the lanes between the tiles, as long as there is light dirt. Others, especially in the kitchen, even after several seconds on the same spot have not improved much
- There is a separate Wiper with to Clean Windows (With a micro fibre socks).

Example No:2

Example No:3

I have a Steamer for cleaning Vehicles Which I Bought for €1,320.00 which is a professional Steam Mop.

Believe me this Steam Mop works as well as a Car Cleaner too. 
Removing all Dirts and small Particles of oil On the car surface without damaging the paint (Obviously with a MICRO FiBRE Cloth) 
The Steamer can be used for Interior and Exterior Cleaning purpose. 


The Sofa is your Best Friend When it Comes to 'Relaxing Time'
Sometimes we Come home after 8h hard Day working and we lay down faster on our SOFA and you Merit it!!
But have you Ever think How Many Germs and Bacterias we Bring from out Side? Ooooops that makes terrible even just to think about it isn't it?
So why Don't you Just KICK the all Bacterias and Germs out of your Door With a Steam Mop?

Example No:4

Your Mattress



As we Know with time the Mattresses that we get our 'GOOD NIGHT' Sleep is not always a Good Night sleep provider,
unless we keep it Clean From Dirt / Mites / Dust & Germs.
A ''STEAM MOP'' is an ENEMY to all the above said 'PARASITES'
Just Do it Once a Month and you'll See the ''RESULTS''.

Example No:6

And it is the same thing about your Babies Cot, Millions and Millions of Microbes that cause disease and infections to babies health 
and as we know it is not 'RECOMMEnDED' to use 'CHEMICALS' CLEAN Babies Stuff so I Personally Recommend a STEAM MOP.

Your Babies Cot

Example No: 7

- A STEAM MOP 'Does Not' clean particularly dirty glass from inside, without first having a pass with a sponge! 
Or otherwise you can find yourself with splashes of dirty water in half the room / bathroom, and not to mention 'clothes'.
- To de-grease the kitchen, it does remove oils and oder in the Kitchen . But it is not quietly recommend for wood Surfaces. In addition
- It's comfortable..yes. But watch out in the cold season, it is recommended to le your Windows open to avoid Humidity (Mist) in side the House.

Example No:8

Taking in to Consideration our health and Comparing The Amount we Spend for Sanitising Materials, 
It is Highly Recommended to Use a Steam Mop which is Much Powerful Than Chemical Products to Keep Clean Home and Office Environment.
I have Shared the Most Essential Informations with you which i found from my own researches and it is up to you to compare and valuate the most suitable Steam Mop for you

Example No: 9

Here is the Link Where you can buy the Steam Mop for lowest price as €73,00 


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TalentL said…
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