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As the whole mankind is keeping struggling with New Covid-19 virus it is been very important to have a good health practices in daily routine. Anyways Keeping the house clean and tidy requires a lot of effort as lack of time complicates its success. For this reason, we give you 10 tips that will help you do it with a little organisation. 1.Establish a daily routine Like when you go to the gym, a daily routine is useful for ordering the various points of your home. In this way it is possible to do it easily and in a short time, which will allow to keep the house clean in its entirety. To do this, make a list of all the important activities to do, such as washing clothes, sweeping, mopping or waxing, cleaning the bathroom and laundry room, hanging the laundry, and so on. Then, divide the household chores over the 7 days of the week (according to their difficulty or the time they require). For example: Monday: clean the windows Tuesday: remove dust, sweep and mop or wax Wednesday: do the


STEAM MOP Vs. CORONA VIRUS  I've been doing some researches to keep clean my house to avoid serious problems caused by the new Corona Virus,  as every one knows chemical based products can be harmful to our health if use continuously to your health.  Many Researches proved that any types of Germs and bacterias can be killed by heat so I just got This Economical but Powerful Instrument to have my Apartment Clean, also getting rid of various areas of historic dirt for a small amount less than 80 Buck. My experience so far has been the following: SANITARY - The sanitary were made shiny again. In the bidet the water shines clean! - Excellent for floors. Get yourself several spare Pieces of Clothes foe Cleaning Purpose Possibly Micro fibre which is more suitable for Steam Cleaning ,  especially if you have an old apartment like mine that would need before a cleaning done by professions - Eliminates dirt on corners and edges. But with a lot of patience !!